Program Fees

Weight Loss Program Fees

CHC Health Care Program FeesOur typical program fees are $175 for your initial office visit, and $55 for your weekly office visit.

New Year-New You:  Initial Office Visit $149 and weekly office visits $40!

This includes all fat burning injections: B12 (energy), MIC (reduces cravings for sweets & starches), Chromium (fat burner) and appetite suppressants.  Yes, all your fat burning injections (most other centers do not include this in their weekly program or charge you additionally for them)

Want to lose weight for free?  Refer one friend and receive a free office visit, refer 10 friends and receive 10 free office visits! It's that simple!

Kick Start Your Weight Loss! 

  • Supplimental B6 injections (natural diuretic, supports immune system, reduces fatigue and stress)

  • Calcium Pyruvate (fat burner)

  • Multi-vitamins with minerals

  • Detox program. The goal of the detox program is to restore healthy digestive system function by removal of harmful toxins and enhance nutrient absorption which can help you feel more energized. 




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