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Weight Loss Injections from CHC Weight Loss, TampaMIC Injection (for cravings)

  • Methionine: Believed to have lipotropic actions (fat burning), can possibly help with or prevent fatigue.  It is also thought to help to promote well conditioned hair and strong nails.  Methionine can also help to reduce cholesterol and works as an antioxidant to help neutralize toxins in the human body.  This can also help you with cravings.

  • Inositil (vitamin B complex): This drug is part of the Vitamin B family.  It is believed to be a lipotropic (fat burning) and is used to try and aid in the redistribution of body fat and can help lower cholesterol.  It is a member of the B complex group.  It too can be beneficial to promote healthier hair.

  • Choline: This drug us also part of the Vitamin B family and also thought to have lipotropic (fat emulsifier) effects on the body.  It is believed to help patients control their weight and cholesterol levels.  It may also help in fighting fatigue.  When your body is depleted of Choline, fat metabolism is also slowed down.

  • Chromic Chloride (Fat Burner): This is a mineral that is not made naturally in the human body.  It plays an important role in regulating metabolism and blood sugar.  Chromium has been shown to help mildly increase good cholesterol (HDL) and help to lower blood cholesterol.  Many physicians use Chromium to treat Type II diabetes or insulin resistance.

  • Vitamin B12: Known as the "Energy" vitamin, it can increase energy levels and help fight fatigue.  It can also help suppress the appetite as well as having a mild diuretic effect on the body.  Vitamin B12 has been used in the medical community to help patients fight anemia. 

  • Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine Injection has been known to influence hormone balance and act as a natural diuretic.  It can influence protein metabolism, fight fatigue, stress and headache as well as support the immune system.

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